jenheyI’m Jen. Once upon a time, I wanted to design airplanes. Turns out, that involved a program called MATLAB and was really not fun. So instead, I decided to practice making art at a school called UCSD. When I was done, they gave me a degree and I took the next logical step towards becoming a grownup… save some money and travel the world for a while. When the fun was (sadly) over, I moved back to San Diego (not so sad) and decided I should become a pilot, go back to Europe (among other places) and play some more.

That didn’t go exactly as planned. I learned to fly and worked in aviation for a while. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with a pilot (oops), moved to Spain, began focusing more on my photography and started designing stuff again, just not airplanes.

These days, I live in Madrid. I still use words like dude, awesome and lame, but I also speak Spanish and know how to behave like a professional. I like to work. I was the overachiever who ruined the grading curve in your class, but I didn’t want anyone to know it for fear of social exile. And I did help my classmates with their homework… that’s got to count for something, right?

My favorite projects are content driven, clean and modern. I love the challenge of working through conceptual solutions to any design problem. I drift somewhere between photographer, graphic designer, web designer, and at times, developer, but really, I’d just like to beautify your world.

I’m proficient in HTML, CSS, and making Wordpress do whatever I want it to. PHP and Javascript don’t get along with me too well, but it’s just because we don’t really know each other yet… I can write a website from scratch, but since discovering open source platforms, I don’t find much of a need for it. Adobe and I are close friends; lately I spend more time with Illustrator, but I never go long before scheduling a visit with Photoshop.

On the artsy side of things, I find it hard to resist the lure of menswear fabrics, animal prints or the color navy. If it sparkles, it’s game over for me. I gravitate towards masculine aesthetics, but am a girly-girl at heart. My favorite thing in the whole world is the way fresh snow looks sparkling in the moonlight.

I find that most problems can be solved by a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I find hilarity in the sarcastic and inappropriate, but I don’t show it unless you know me well. I am secretly shy and have to force myself to use certain forms of social media; I’ve been told that will change… no signs of progress yet. But anyway, let’s make stuff together!

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